YOU are Awesome

First, a Few Facts - Did you know...

  • The Calistoga Learning Center Think Tank group, made up of 75 - 3rd through 8th graders, donated one half of their proceeds from sales and a raffle at the Christmas Bazaar to the Calistoga Pool. This money will be put towards making our Pool as "Green", that is as environmentally friendly, as possible. Thanks for thinking of the global environment while acting on a local level!
  • Young people volunteer 2.4 billion hours a year.
  • Last year teens volunteered almost twice as much each as adults did. You rock!
  • Kids that volunteer now are twice as likely to volunteer when they become adults.
  • Kids that volunteer are more likely to do well in school, graduate and vote. How cool is that?

It is never too early to begin helping your community. So pick a project and shine. One cause that needs your help is the Calistoga Pool Community Pool Project.

So many of you have already helped. Here is just a partial list:

  • Nancy and Daisy and their friends have helped out by riding on our Parade floats!
  • Jackson and Rhett have donated their birthday money every year to the Pool!
  • Audrey and Andre have worked many times at the Calistoga Farmer’s Market to get donations from the shoppers!
  • Chole donated her baby sitting money!
  • The Tiki Dolls under 10 Soccer Team have entertained at the Picnic in the Park for the Pool and at a City Council meeting!
  • Ian had all his friends donate money at his birthday party to the Pool in memory of his grand mother!
  • Taft has used his artistic skills to make signs for our parade floats, and along with Melissa has handed out donation envelopes at Parades! They are responsible for lots of donations!
  • Lucas and Cassidy have washed dishes at our Mother’s Day events!
  • Mrs. McCoy’s elementary school class danced for the Pool in a Cinco de Mayo Parade!
  • Olivia has made Parade signs for the Pool!
  • Antonia has ridden on almost every float we have had in a Parade. What a trooper!

There are so many ways you can help. Be awesome and volunteer in what ever cool way you can. How about taking pictures of you and your friends at a pool to use on donation containers? How about collecting “Pennies for the Pool”? We are sure you can think of some great ways to help.

Call us with your ideas at 707- 942-VIPS (8477) Let us know if we have missed any great ways you have already helped the Pool Project. Just hit the contact button and we will update our list.

Just think, when the Pool is built you can say that you helped make it happen. YOU are awesome!

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