n Update on the Fiberglass Shortage

The pool industry has recently experienced unprecedented demand. We’ve also experienced slowed production of fiberglass pools due to the worldwide resin shortage.

This hasn’t just affected the pool industry. It has affected the boating industry, the automotive industry, and multiple consumer goods industries worldwide. Most of American’s resin comes out of Texas. One of the big issues which caused this was the Texas Freeze.

Earlier this year, the Texas Freeze wiped out a majority of the resin capacity for the United States. And it will take a long time to recover from that loss. This loss has also affected the ability of our vendor, Latham Pools, to build their fiberglass pool shells.

PPAS, along with Latham, the largest manufacturer of fiberglass pools, has left no stone unturned to complete your swimming pool as soon as possible. We’ve been looking into every supply option to increase their resin stocks so we can produce swimming pools faster and bring you your backyard dream quicker.

Latham has also been working on increasing capacity at their eight facilities around the country to allow us to get shells quicker and bring them to you faster.

The Good News

We estimate about eight more weeks of what we would call inconsistent resin delivery. After that eight weeks, we should start to see faster supply, and we can start guaranteeing delivery times again. 

While we can’t guarantee a delivery date at the moment, we promise Premier pools will be the first pools produced as soon resin levels are back to normal. We encourage you to stay in constant contact with your franchise, and they will give you as much up-to-date information as they know.

Premier Pools & Spas thanks you for your patience, and we apologize for the setbacks you’ve experienced because of this shortage. We promise we will get you that backyard experience as soon as possible.

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