Premier Pools and Spas Opens Locations in Davenport, Iowa, and Albuquerque, New Mexico

The world’s largest pool builders expand into Davenport, Iowa, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Premier Pools and Spas, the world’s largest swimming pool builder, and winner of several awards, including the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) International Award of Excellence for Design, is excited to announce two new build franchises: Davenport, Iowa, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owned respectively by Garret Lass & Jesse Pennock, and Andrew & Carly Reeves.

Founder of PPAS, Paul Porter, and the President of Premier Franchise Management, Aaron Gurley, are selective about who becomes a Premier franchise owner. Because at Premier, gaining quality people comes before producing a quantity of exceptional work.

“I have a deeply rooted sense of responsibility that stems from a desire to protect the industry that has made my dreams come true.”

~ Paul Porter, founder

Premier continues building its reputation for innovative design and excellent customer service as it expands into these new territories. Though the locations are new, they’re backed by a nationwide company. Each Premier franchise is an extension of over 30 years of experience, so Albuquerque and Davenport residents can rest assured that they’re choosing the best.

Premier began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 to like-minded entrepreneurs with high standards for quality and value. If you’re interested in owning a Premier franchise, please visit or call (844) 366-2102.

Davenport, Iowa | Owners: Garrett Lass & Jesse Pennock

Garrett Lass previously had a career in logistics management for the fiberglass division of Latham Pool Products. He also started a pilot car company that specializes in the transportation of fiberglass pools. Jesse Pennock has owned and operated a landscaping and lawn care business for ten years. Garrett and Jesse make the perfect team to deliver the Premier experience to their community with their combined backgrounds.

During Garrett’s time with Latham, he witnessed the rapid growth of Premier in the Midwest, which piqued his curiosity. “After our trip to California to learn about the PPAS opportunity, I was so impressed by the family aspect that Paul and Brian showed us. It was a parallel to how I’ve run my business, and I valued that mindset,” said Jesse. They both look forward to working with their customers to bring their backyard dreams to life and create memories for their families for years to come.

Garrett and Jesse attended Dewitt community schools, and Garrett graduated in 2015 from the University of Dubuque. Garrett is recently engaged to his fiancé Brittany and looks forward to marrying her next year. Jesse resides in DeWitt with his fiancee, Karolyn.

lbuquerque, New Mexico | Owners: Andrew & Carly Reeves

Andrew has supported his wife Carly Reeves in running an online marketing business for six years and learned what it takes to succeed.
Premier Pools and Spas Opens Locations in Davenport, Iowa, and Albuquerque, New Mexico 4
Andrew was inspired by Carly’s willingness to push herself to the next level, which led him to seek an opportunity with Premier.

They’re excited about becoming the go-to pool builders in Albuquerque: “We’re hoping to be the leader in fiberglass in the market. I want to change the perception of fiberglass pools in New Mexico and show clients that not only can they be the more affordable option, but the better option all around.”

Carly and Andrew reside in Corrales, New Mexico, where they live with their three kids—Beckam, Olive, and Everett. Music is a driving force in Carly’s life, as she was in a band in her twenties that went on a few tours and even opened up for some prominent artists. Andrew is an outdoor junkie who loves to fly fish and has been all over the world doing it, from Iceland to Peru. Family is the driving force of why they are so successful and will continue being successful.

bout Premier Pools & Spas

Founded in 1988, Premier Pools & Spas (PPAS) has a reputation for first-class results within the customer’s budget. PPAS builds and services swimming pools and spas for homeowners across the country.

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Pool

Top Five Benefits of Owning a Pool

Installing a pool in your backyard is a major decision. Here at Premier, we believe in the customer’s peace of mind, and that’s why we’ll be with you at every step of the process if you decide to get a pool.

Below, we’ll go over the benefits of owning a pool, so you have all the information you need to figure out if a pool is suitable for your family.

#1 – Save Money

You read that right.

While installing a pool costs money upfront, owning a pool can save you money in the long run. And that’s probably one of the most surprising benefits of owning a pool.

Your pool will raise your staycation game considerably. A vacation involves travel expenses and can also be mentally taxing. How many times have you returned from a trip only to feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?

Plus, with a pool, your backyard becomes the prime destination for family gatherings, barbecues, and parties of all kinds. Not only are you saving your own money, your saving other people money on going out. 

Make it a potluck or a BYOB affair, and they’ll bring food and beverages to pay tribute to your backyard oasis.

They’ll be happy to do it, and you’re spending next to nothing to have a good time.

Other Ways to Save Money

If you know you’re going to spend the day in the backyard, you can turn down your A/C to save money and help save the environment.Using solar panels to heat your pool isn’t just energy-efficient but also extends your swim season into the colder months.

Yeah, but What About Maintenance Costs?

Fiberglass pools are the lowest maintenance pools–no algae buildup.A lot of pool maintenance is automated.Get a pool cover for the off-season.

Find out how affordable a pool can be by requesting a free quote at the bottom of this page!

#2 – Mental Health

With the ever-increasing pace of modern life, it’s more important than ever to take care of your mental health.

According to a survey from leading research specialists Ipsos MORI, 74% of people agreed that time in the pool relieves stress. 70% said that they felt mentally recharged after using a pool. And 68% felt good themselves just from being in the water.

In addition to this, a recent study found that just looking at a video of the ocean can elevate your mood. So that tropical screensaver on your work computer is doing you some good, but imagine having your own body of water right in your backyard!

You probably don’t need a scientific study to convince you that floating in a pool is one of the most calming things you can do. Movie characters floating in pools have become visual code for rich and successful.

You don’t have to be rich to own a pool, though. Click here to see how easy it is to get your pool fully financed.

#3 – Physical Fitness

According to the CDC, “Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming, bicycling, or running, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses.”

Out of those three activities mentioned, swimming has the lowest impact on your bones and joints.

Not to mention your physical fitness is linked directly to your mental fitness. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise boosts your cognition, memory, and mood regulation while reducing stress and anxiety.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to get those benefits. 

Just moving about your pool casually for a sustained period will work your body out more than your average household activity. If you’ve ever spent a day in the pool, then you know you don’t need to swim laps to feel spent at the end of the day. And that spent feeling combined with getting Vitamin D from the sun will lead to much better sleep.

And better sleep leads to better mental and physical fitness in the long term. It’s a compound effect!

quatic Therapy

One of the major health benefits of a pool is the ability to do aquatic therapy. Swimming pools are a low-impact cardio option to keep your body fit without putting too much stress on your joints and tendons. Pools have also improved the quality of life for people who have fibromyalgia and cerebral palsy. 

#4 – A Great Excuse to Get Outside More

“Specifically now, in the age of coronavirus, many buyers are seeking a pool. They like the idea that their home is a one-stop-shop for all their summer entertainment activities since they are concerned about leaving the house.” 

~ Melissa Zavala, Broadpoint Properties broker in San Diego

Unless you’re a millionaire with a huge mansion, your pool will most likely go in your backyard. So this may seem like one of the most obvious benefits of owning a pool. But how often do we ignore our instinct to go outside and spend most of our time indoors?

Coming home from a long day at work and jumping in your pool, even for just 15-20 minutes, can make a huge impact on your happiness after staring at a computer screen all day.

Also, the great outdoors are proven to ease burnout, and we do more than put pools in the ground—we can landscape your backyard into a resort-style oasis.

We’ve talked about the therapeutic benefits of swimming pools. But really, each of the top five benefits of owning a pool is therapeutic. Sometimes it’s just nice to get outside.

Check out this WebMD article to find out how many benefits there are to spending time outside. It’s a great way to keep the kids healthy and happy.

Benefits of Owning a Pool

#5 – Increase the Value of Your Home

There’s some debate on this, but in just a few short paragraphs, you’ll see that installing a pool is definitely a home improvement that adds value.

Some experts say that compared to the cost of installation and maintenance, the average 7% increase in a home’s value with a pool isn’t enough to claim that a pool adds value.

Here’s the thing. Most things you invest in lose value. Your car, your boat, the exercise equipment you’re trying to sell on Craigslist.

Nobody looks at owning a pool as strictly a means to add value to their property. You’re reading this because you want a pool for the first four benefits. The fact that a pool will increase your home’s value and overall attractiveness down the road is just a bonus.

According to this article, an analysis of 19 warm-weather markets found that a pool can add between $11,591 and $95,393 in value to your home.

The real investment is the enjoyment you and your loved ones will receive over the lifetime of the pool. And if you’re in your forever home, a Fiberglass or Gunite pool can last you a lifetime. The fact that it adds to the value of your home is a pleasant bonus if you think you might move in the future.

You also have to look beyond just the pool. Premier can upgrade your entire backyard’s value through landscaping and hardscaping. Check out our brochure to see all of the jaw-dropping resorts we’ve built in our customer’s backyards.

Or imagine this out your window–

A beautiful backyard oasis

Hopefully, you’ve learned some benefits of owning a pool you didn’t already know.

And remember, no matter your budget, we can find ways to make the area around your pool look just as inviting.

Learn more about financing through Premier Finance, or use the form below to get a free quote!

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The Pool Finishing Process: What You Need To Know

Filling Up Your Pool

Here at Premier Pools, we want to see you enjoying your pool as soon as possible. 

But there are a few steps you’ll need to complete during the pool finishing process so that your pool finish looks great for many summers to come. We’ll cover those steps below.

Before Filling Up Your Pool

Before fill-up begins, contact your water district and let them know you’re filling up a pool. Otherwise, they might think you have a leak and shut off your water.

Your Pool Finish

The next thing that affects how long the fill-up will take is your pool finish.

A plaster finish will complete in one day. We’ll spray the plaster on, trowel it into a smooth surface, and begin filling up your pool that day.

With an aggregate pool finish like pebble or glass beads, we’ll apply it in a day and let it sit overnight. Then the next day, we’ll acid-wash it, pressure-wash it, and then start filling it up.

What do I need to do during the pool filling process?

Once started, do not stop the water until your pool is full. If you shut off the water, you’ll get a ring around your pool where it stopped. You can slow it to a trickle, but make sure it doesn’t stop until it gets to the middle of the waterline tileFill from the deep end first. If you start from the shallow end, you’ll create streaking on the bottom of your pool, from the shallow end to the deep end. Once your pool is filled, move your hose into your raised spa or any raised features you may have.Let Premier know if you plan on filling your pool with well water. We’ll need to get a water sample to see the calcium and hardness content and know precisely the water quality we’re putting into the swimming pool. We also want to make sure we don’t dry up your well—pulling 20,000 gallons will quickly dry it up.

How long will it take to fill up my pool?

Depending on a couple of factors, it could take anywhere from four hours to four days.

Multiple garden hoses flowing at once will speed things up, but mostly, it depends on how much water you have coming into your house. Lower water pressure means a slower fill. With good water pressure, expect it to take up to a day and a half.


Stopping water flow during fill-up will create a ring around your pool, so make sure you call your water district. That way, you’ll avoid interruptions and be working on your tan in no time.

Don’t Forget To Brush Your Pool

Pool brushing is a crucial part of the pool finishing process and will make sure your pool stays looking fresh.

As the plaster cures underwater over the first 30 days, some of the material will make its way to the surface. Brushing your pool finish will keep it from setting into your pool finish.

To do this, you’ll brush the entire surface of your pool several times a day. It would be best if you did this for up to the first week. We’ll give you a brush and pole and instruct you on how to get it done properly and regularly. 

Your Premier Service Technician will tell you what brushing schedule is best for your particular finish.

The Chemical Process

The last part of the pool finishing process is making sure the chemicals in your pool water are balanced. But don’t worry, a Service Technician will take care of your pool water’s total alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH balance, and more.

With a plaster finish, it can take 30 days before you can introduce heat and start balancing your pool water so that it’s safe to start swimming.

With a pebble finish, you can start swimming within a week, but don’t introduce heat for about two weeks.

Your Service Technician will let you know when it’s safe to do your first cannonball.

We recommend one cannonballer at a time.

One Last Important Step

Contact your gas company and tell them you just installed a pool gas heater or other fire features in your backyard. Your Premier pools construction supervisor can tell you how many BTUs your backyard is pulling so you can give that info to the gas company. They’ll make sure you have the correct gas meter to keep your features working correctly.

Testing the pH Balance of Your Pool

What You Need to Know About the pH Balance of Your Pool

The ideal pH level that’s safe for swimming is between 7.2 and 7.8, the same range as our body’s pH level.

When your pool’s pH level goes over 7.8, it’s considered alkaline. High pH in the pool is dangerous for swimmers. Chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals won’t be able to do their job, and bacteria will flourish in your pool. The water will also become cloudy, and you’ll see scaling on the sides of your pool.

If your pool’s pH balance dips too low (under 7.0), then your pool will become acidic. This can cause skin irritation and burning eyes if you open them underwater. Water with low pH will also render chlorine and other chemicals ineffective. If you have a vinyl pool, the liner may wrinkle, and any metal in your pool can corrode.

When your water is too alkaline, it can also cause calcium hardness levels to increase, and you may have to get your pool acid-etched more often to keep it looking nice and clean.

What Causes the High pH in Swimming Pools?


The pH of your pool is going to change naturally, and this is to be expected. When your pool is just sitting there, carbon dioxide in the air will dissolve in the water, forming carbonic acid, lowering the pH. Swimming and splashing will break up that carbon dioxide and cause the pH to rise.

Algae also raise the pH because it consumes carbon dioxide. Left unchecked, algae can push the pH of your pool well over a safe level. But with ongoing maintenance from Premier Pool Service, your pool will never get to this point.

Pool Chemicals

Every type of pool chemical you use on your pool will affect the pH balance. Granulated or liquid chlorine will raise the pH, neutral sanitizers like Bromine have the slightest effect, and acidic cleaners like chlorine gas will lower the pH.

These chemicals are used in a few parts per million, and the change won’t be that drastic. It’s just something to keep in mind when trying to achieve balanced pool water yourself. 

Chasing the perfect pH level can become frustrating if you’re not aware of the specific effect of the sanitizer you use.

Other Factors

A sudden temperature rise can cause the pH level to go up. Whether you warm it up with a pool heater or you experience a heatwave, this could cause it to spike.

One more thing to consider: if your pool has a new pebble or plaster finish, this will raise the pH. You don’t have to worry about this with fiberglass or vinyl.

Staying On Top of The pH Balance of Your Pool

For the chlorine to be most effective in your pool, you’ll want to keep your pool water balanced in the optimum range mentioned above. Here’s how you can stay on top of this.

When you’re in the middle of swim season and using your pool daily, consider testing daily.It’s recommended you test the chlorine twice a week, so if you’re already doing this, add pH testing into the mix.Debris and rainfall after inclement weather can also change the pH, so test after a storm.

The more acidic or alkaline your pool gets, the longer it will take to get the pH right. So heading off these problems will make sure your pool is soft, clean, and safe for you and your family to enjoy all year long.

test the pH balance of your pool

Testing the pH Balance of Your Pool

Testing your pool’s pH and alkalinity level is relatively straightforward using strips and test kits.

Whether you go with dissolvable tablets or test strips, follow the instructions from the water testing kit manufacturer. Also, keep these tips in mind:

You’re looking for an optimal pH range between 7.2 and 7.6.Your total alkalinity should be between 80 ppm and 150 ppm.If your pH level is too high, use a mild acid to bring the alkalinity down.

Moving water will alter your sample, so take it from as closest to the middle of your pool as you can.

Things that can cause an inaccurate reading from your test:

Residual chlorine levelsBromineTaking a sample from near your jets

Leave it to the Pros

Having regular pool service is the best way to keep your pool ready whenever you need it. If any of this sounds too tedious, or you don’t want the hassle, we will gladly test for high pH levels and every other aspect of pool maintenance.

Contact Premier Pool Service today if you want to leave the pH balance of your pool up to professional, keeping your pool soft, safe, and clean all year long.

New Pool Construction Offerings in Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR

The world’s largest swimming pool builders expand their territory into Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR.

Premier Pools and Spas, the world’s number one swimming pool builder, has recently expanded into Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR.

Aaron Gurley, President of Premier Franchise Management, has selected Cassidy Mehlhaff & Brent Horsman as the new Premier franchise owners in Greenville, SC, and Todd & Allison Crane as the new Premier franchise owners in Fayetteville, AR.

Premier Pools & Spas franchises offer swimming pool construction and remodeling, including gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl inground pools. Premier’s tremendous growth has recently expanded its services to 32 states across the country.

“Our company culture is unlike any other as our franchisees are supportive of one another, share knowledge, and celebrate successes.”

~ Paul Porter, founder

Premier began offering franchise opportunities in 2014 to like-minded entrepreneurs with high standards for quality and value.

Greenville, SC | Owners: Cassidy Mehlhaff & Brent Horsman

Cassidy Mehlhaff, whose father owns the Premier franchise in Vacaville, has worked for PPAS in many roles over the years, from marketing to design to sales. Before that, she spent ten years as a small business consultant for a Fortune 50 company. After playing professional ball for the San Diego Padres, Brent spent 20 years building a successful general contractor business based on 100% customer referrals.

Together they are excited to grow their presence and serve the community of Greenville, “While there may be other builders in our area, none even come close to having the resources and foundation of Premier. We are certain that we will continue to provide the value, quality, and integrity that this company was built on.”


Fayetteville, AR | Owners: Todd & Allison Crane

New Pool Construction Offerings in Greenville, SC, and Fayetteville, AR 8

Todd and Allison have both owned businesses before this new venture. Allison has owned and operated two brick-and-mortar boutiques that also had an eCommerce presence. Todd owned a construction business focused on residential properties and another company that offered specialized inspection services to residential owners and contractors. He has also worked in aviation as an aircraft engineer for almost 18 years.

Though they’ve built businesses from scratch before, they were looking for something new with a robust support system in place. Premier fit that bill while also providing an opportunity to build a family business as their legacy to pass on. Todd had this to say about joining the Premier family, “It is great to know that we are in the business of fun and helping people realize their dreams.”

bout Premier Pools & Spas

Founded in 1988, Premier Pools & Spas (PPAS) has a reputation for first-class results within the customer’s budget.

PPAS is the #1 Ranked Pool Builder in the U.S. according to Pool & Spa News and the winner of many awards, including National Pool Builder of the Year and multiple PHTA International Awards of Excellence for Design.

Owner/CEO Paul Porter and his son, Brian Porter, hosted season 7 of the DIY TV show Pool Kings, where they built ten spectacular pools.

PPAS designs and builds luxurious swimming pools, spas, and outdoor entertainment areas for homeowners across 32 states.

Choosing Decking for Your Pool

Choosing Decking for Your Pool

Your pool patio is the area surrounding your pool.  The decking typically accommodates lounge chairs and whatever else you can imagine. And the coping is the lip around your pool’s edge.

For ideas on customizing the area around your pool, check out some of the fantastic backyards we’ve built.

Choosing pool decking materials is one of the many decisions you will make as a new swimming pool owner. If you’ve selected a fiberglass pool, you may also consider the addition of coping, which creates a transition between the pool and pool deck.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of different pool decking options.

Concrete Pool Decking

Concrete Pool Decking

Concrete is a versatile material that is the backbone behind many of our best-looking backyard transformations. A concrete surface is very versatile in how you can shape and design it.

Stamped or Brush

You can choose a broom finish, which creates the standard concrete look. Broom finished concrete decking is made by pouring concrete, then brushing it with horse-hair brooms to create a slightly textured surface. This texturing also creates traction to help prevent slips and falls.

Or you can choose a stamped concrete patio, which can resemble tile, brick, or stone. Stamping is a little more expensive, but it truly gives your pool patio an artisan’s touch.

Stamped Concrete Pool Decking
Stamped Concrete Pool Decking

Using pattern molds, your builder can stamp impressions into wet concrete to make its surface visually mimic the shape of different materials, such as tile, brick, or stone, in a variety of patterns.

Stenciling takes things one step further by allowing builders to create custom-made designs. The sky’s the limit on colors and motif.

Stenciling is a delicate process using time and labor, so it costs more to implement.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

With this option, tiny stones or pebbles are introduced into the concrete mix. The aggregate comes in a variety of colors and sizes and adds texture to the surface. You can add raw or machine-polished concrete aggregate. Machine polished aggregate is easier on your bare feet.

While concrete’s benefits and low cost make it an attractive option, concrete does not come without a few disadvantages. Concrete decking can crack over time, especially if it isn’t cured correctly.

Concrete is also easy to clean and has a lengthy lifespan. Concrete is available in a wide array of colors and can be textured to create a unique appearance.

Pool Pavers

Pool pavers are precast sections of stone, clay, or concrete. They’re created by mixing in aggregate and color, then creating individual, brick-like pieces, which are laid out in patterns around your patio.

Pool Decking with Pavers
Pool Decking with Pavers

One of the many benefits of pavers is that you don’t have to wait for them to dry, as you would with poured concrete.

Pool pavers can be arranged to complement many design schemes because of their large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

They’re also easily replaced. You can remove and replace single pavers without much effort. However, pavers require a strong base, and many contractors who do not specialize in installing pavers fail to provide the strong base pavers need. Some contractors lay a low amount of sand under the pavers, which can cause the pavers to sink.

You won’t have to worry about this with a Premier pool builder.

Natural Stone/Travertine Decking

Travertine is one of the most commonly used natural stones used in homes today.

Swimming Pool Coping
Swimming Pool Coping

But travertine decking isn’t just about visual charm; it’s also slip-proof and stays cooler than other decking materials. You can also match the edge of your pool with the rest of the patio by coping it with the same travertine blend.

One downside of travertine is its porous nature, which makes it easier to absorb water. While this offers a benefit in hot weather, dirt can become trapped in the pores if your pool decking is near loose soil.

If you’re planning on a fiberglass pool, you’ll need to decide whether or not to leave the edge of the fiberglass exposed or use coping. Leaving the edge exposed should be your last choice. An exposed fiberglass pool edge is subject to fading from the sun, and if you pour concrete decking up to the edge of the fiberglass pool, you risk cracking and chipping.

Coping also adds that special finishing touch to the edge of your pool.  It creates definition between your pool and pool decking.

Cantilevered Coping

Cantilevered Coping
Cantilevered Coping

A frequent choice for coping around fiberglass pools is cantilevered concrete coping.

Similar to concrete decking, cantilevered concrete coping is manufactured with one continuous pour. It also adds a beautiful finish to your fiberglass pool. Much like concrete decking, it comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Cantilevered concrete coping is affordable, and due to its single-piece construction, it’s less likely to move or shift over time. However, it can be susceptible to cracks if not managed correctly.

Precast Paver Coping

Paver coping is precast into shapes, then installed on-site. Just like decking pavers, they are simple to replace if damaged. Pavers can be laid on a mortar bed or bonded to the pool shell and concrete collar around the pool with specialized construction adhesive.

Pavers are a little more expensive than poured and precast concrete, but many find the value outweighs the expense.


When selecting a coping material, note that you can choose a different substance than the decking itself. For example, if you choose concrete decking for your pool, you may complement the concrete with travertine coping.

Consider these criteria when choosing decking for your pool: durability, safety, comfort, and esthetics. Remember that the material should work harmoniously with your backyard and pool design.

Contact us today for a free estimate on pool decking and coping for your pool.

The Future of Pool Care is Smart

Every home is becoming smarter, as families add devices to make their lives easier and safer. Smart door locks ensure that the house is secure, or a water leak detector can send an alert if water is detected in the basement or under the sink.

Connected experiences like this aren’t limited to the home, they can make life with a pool or hot tub easier and safer, too with connected apps and devices. Here are today’s connected pool experiences:

Smart Lights

Many families added smart lights inside the home, whether to save on energy with schedules or to add ambiance with different colors. Did you know that you can have smart lights in your pool, too? ColorLogic LED lights can be added to most pools. Not only are they energy efficient, but they can brighten up a pool party or a night swim with 10 different color choices and seven color-changing shows.

Smart Water Balance

It’s easier to have fun in your pool when you know the water is safe, but chemical balance can be a challenge even for veteran pool owners. The pHin Smart Water Monitor measures the water over 1,000 times per week, and sends alerts and instructions when the water is out of balance. A pool technician can also connect to stay in-the-know about the water quality so they can schedule service when it’s needed.

Pool Control from Anywhere

Pool owners can ‘set and forget’ their equipment using the OmniHub from Hayward. It works with most pools and spas, giving users control through the app to turn on/off or set schedules for their equipment, including variable-speed pumps, heaters, pool/spa color lights, spa settings, AquaRite® salt systems, booster pumps, backyard lighting, and water features.

A Robot for Your Pool

Many families have a robotic vacuum that keeps their floors clean for them. Pool owners can spend less time on pool cleaning with robot vacuums like Hayward’s AquaVac® 500. It’s designed with two scrubbing brushes to clean the walls and floors of the pool, programmed to find the most efficient path possible. It uses 94% less energy than other cleaners, and it’s also automatic: Users can set it to operate every 24, 48, or 72 hours.

If you haven’t started with the smart pool devices available today, it might be time to revamp your pool care routine. Who knows what will come next!

The post The Future of Pool Care is Smart appeared first on pHin.

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Did you know? 12 Fast Facts About pHin

Whether you’re a long-time pHin user or testing the water for our smart pool care, learn these 12 fun facts and technical details you might not know about pHin:

Born in 2015: A pool owner was tired of testing his water and calculating chemical dosing, so he created pHin to remove the guesswork to getting safe water. After building a team and developing the product, pHin launched in 2015.Works with over 200 chemicals: Pool owners can choose which chemicals they’d like to use with pHin from a large database – and they can request additions if their brand isn’t included already.pHin measures the water more than anyone: Most homeowners check their pool or hot tub water weekly. pHin blows their tests out of the water, by measuring the water up to 1,000 times per week.1 billion samples: Over the years, pHin has collected and analyzed over 1 billion water samples in thousands of pools, hot tubs, and swim spas across the country.Algorithms makes measuring smarter: pHin does more than check the parts per million (ppm) of chemicals in the water, it analyzes the effectiveness of the sanitizer, whether chlorine, bromine, or salt, to provide intelligent dosing instructions. Learn more about “Kill Power” here.pHin is friendly with any pool: pHin isn’t only for pools, it can monitor and help you balance a hot tub or swim spa, too!Amazon Alexa talks to pHin: Now you can check on your water balance without even opening the app. Ask Alexa if your pool water is safe or for the temperature of your hot tub before jumping in. Learn more here.pHin doesn’t like the cold, but has a “Winter” mode: pHin can’t stay outside in the cold weather, but it has a special winter setting so pHin can hibernate for the winter and come out for the next pool opening.You can travel with pHin: Worried about the water quality of pools and hot tubs at rental homes and Airbnbs? Take your pHin on the road to check that the balance is safe before taking a dip.pHin can help your pool tech: Your pool technician can be connected to your pHin so they can check in on your water balance remotely and schedule service as needed.Data from pHin could save your pool: Monitoring your water does more than keep it in balance, the start of an imbalance could indicate that a piece of equipment is on the fritz or about to break. John Sciacca wrote about his experience in Residential Systems.Unlimited help from pHin: The smart monitor has a battery that can last up to two years, but if it runs out you can get a free replacement any time if you have the monitoring subscription.

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