Premier’s New Pool Service Franchise—Austin Southwest, Texas

Premier Pool Service franchise is thrilled to announce Paul and Lisa Janacek as the owners of the new pool service location in Austin Southwest, TX.

Paul and Lisa Janacek.

Paul and Lisa Janacek are amongst those ready for Premier’s life-changing opportunities. After hearing only positive things about the company, Paul knew this was an opportunity he and Lisa could not pass up. Paul brings a whopping 30 years of experience to Premier, as he has held multiple roles in the utility and gas industry. Lisa has eight years of experience operating a boutique booking agency and has owned a small catering company with Paul. He started working full-time with pools this year and is excited to explore the industry more with his wife by his side.

Paul is excited for this new chapter as he believes it will be a chance to utilize his technical and personal skills. He is optimistic about providing service that will set them apart from others.

“I hope to build a company that will provide a premium type [of] service, far exceeding the level of satisfaction many pool owners seem to have,” Paul said. “I hope to have each customer talk positively about the service we provide.”

Both he and Lisa are confident in their ability to bring and receive success with Premier and are excited to grow this business together.  The couple has three sons and eight grandchildren and enjoys spending time outdoors and with their family.