What to Expect During the Concrete Pool Building Process

Building a brand new, custom swimming pool is an exciting process. At Premier Pools & Spas, we design concrete pools unique for each customer so that you get the exact pool of your dreams.

Here’s what you can expect during the concrete pool construction process.

Contact Request Form

The first step on your pool journey is to fill out the Contact Request Form on our website at premierpoolsandspas.com. A member of our design team will reach out to you to set up a meeting.

First Meeting

At the first meeting, a designer will visit your home and ask you a few questions related to your backyard and lifestyle—such as your desired pool shape, how many people will be using the space, the location of the pool, and what features you’d like to include.

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for, we’ll head into the backyard and measure the dimensions of your property. Now is a great time to tell us all your ideas for your backyard, so the Designer can figure out the best way to bring your dreams to life.

Second Meeting – The Showroom

Once your design is ready, we’ll schedule a second meeting with you to show you a detailed pool design and give you a 3D walkthrough of the space.

Our 3D walkthrough is computer rendering that will show you a sneak peek of what your site will look like once the pool is finished. This way, you’re not waiting around with fingers crossed, wondering how it will come together. Though it seems real, we do not recommend attempting to jump inside the 3D pool rendering.

After previewing your pool, we’ll give you the cost estimate for each phase of construction. You’ll be able to decide what features you want to add or remove to stay within your budget. Our mission is to make sure you are fully informed and on board with the project before construction.

CAD/Engineering & Permits

After you sign your contract, one of our CAD Technicians will ensure your pool site plans are construction-ready and up to code. Once this is done, we’ll get started obtaining the local authorities’ permits for the onsite build. We’ll handle every detail of the permitting process for you – ensuring that your pool will be safe, sturdy, and up to code.

Please note that it can take up to six weeks to obtain permits, depending on your permitting jurisdiction.

Pre-construction Walkthrough

Once your local government approves the plans and pool building permits are obtained, we can start with the Pre-Construction Walkthrough. Your Designer and Construction Supervisor will set up a time to meet you onsite, where we’ll make sure every detail is secured before construction begins.

We’ll paint a layout of the pool design on the ground, indicating the exact size, shape, and placement of your pool, equipment, decking, and features.

We’ll also need to discuss several logistical points, including where heavy machinery will access your yard, any landscaping or current structures we’ll need to remove, buyer responsibility, existing damage, and utility details for water, gas, and electricity.

Once our team has final approval from you, we can start digging!

Pool Excavation

A pool excavation crew will dig the site according to engineered plans. They’ll dig to the correct elevation, adding slopes and carving out any interior pool features you selected. They’ll also mark the proper elevation with form boards around the perimeter.

Excavation time will depend on your topography–factors such as soil hardness or excessive groundwater. If you have a sloping yard, we may need to build a retaining wall.

Plumbing, Electrical, Gas, & Steel

Congratulations! You’ve now reached the first checkpoint. Before we can even think about shooting concrete, our crews need to layout an engineered structure complete with steel, plumbing, electrical lines, and gas lines.

Plumbers begin by installing pipelines to your pool’s drains, skimmers, and equipment pad. Our plumbers are instructed to use 45-degree pipe bends whenever possible for maximum hydraulic efficiency.

Steel and Number 4 Rebar creates a robust structure inside the concrete walls that will better withstand ground shifts and even excessive cannonballing over the lifetime of your pool.

Next, an electrician runs power lines from your breaker system to the pool and the equipment pad, which will provide power for the pool’s light features and any equipment at the pad. Additionally, we’ll run natural gas lines to any fire features or outdoor kitchens onsite.

Building codes require an inspection from your city before the gunite or shotcrete stage of construction. These inspections are known to slow down production. It’s also important to know that inspections fail from time to time. In the event of a failed inspection, our team will do what’s necessary to resolve it swiftly and progress your project to the next stage.

Once this is completed, we are ready to shoot concrete.

Shooting the Gunite/Shotcrete

Concrete day is one of the most exciting parts of the pool building process. We use a high-pressure nozzle to spray it directly onto the steel rebar.

Once the shell forms, it will need to cure for a few days. Curing is a crucial time for a concrete pool build since it allows for proper bonding. Water helps strengthen the concrete as it hardens, so we recommend watering the concrete shell three times a day while it cures.

Tile, Coping, & Decking

Once the shell is ready, our crews will install your chosen pool tiling and pool coping. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have another city inspection before pool decking begins.

Then a crew will lay your selected decking. After this, more pool equipment and your selected features will be installed and connected to your plumbing, electrical, and gas lines.

Pool Interior

As we near the final stages of your pool build, this will be a checkpoint for another city inspection.

Once cleared, we’ll begin your interior finish. Depending on your selected materials, the pool will take one to two days to plaster. A high level of detail goes into making sure your pool looks as beautiful as you imagined.

After this happens, it’s ready for water! Typically, it takes about 16-24 hours to fill a swimming pool with a standard garden hose. However, ONCE FILL-UP is started, DO NOT STOP filling the pool until the water level reaches roughly three inches from the top. Stopping water flow during the fill-up can leave a ring around your pool.

Pool Startup

We then inspect every area to ensure it looks perfect and runs tip-top. We’ll add startup chemicals to the water and brush excess plaster dust from the interior finish.

You may need one more final inspection from the city, depending on your jurisdiction.

Once complete, we will show you how to operate the equipment and properly maintain your pool. Then we’ll leave you to bond with your new pool. We recommend breaking it in with at least seven pool parties within the first two months.

Premier Pools & Spas is the top pool builder in the nation. We’ve built over 80,000 stunning pool designs in the American backyards, and we’d be honored to build yours! Contact your local Premier Pools & Spas today for a free consultation.

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