Branding Your Business With Custom Car Wraps And Fleet Wraps

Depending on the complexity of the design and the material used, vehicle wraps cost different amounts. Full wraps generally cost more than partials or spot graphics.

Fleet wraps to make your company’s cars, box trucks and vans a mobile billboard for your brand. Sarasota Wraps delivers a consistent message that’s visible to more people than a traditional paint job.

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Branding your business with custom car wraps and fleet wraps is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a target audience. Unlike billboards, posters, bus benches, and TV or radio commercials that can become dated, fleet wraps provide a long-term advertising solution for your business. They are also easily removable, allowing you to change your branding as your business evolves and matures.

While your clients may have a specific look in mind when they ask for a vehicle wrap, it is up to you to guide them through the possibilities and offer a variety of options that will best suit their unique business. From standard solid colors to matte and gloss finishes, high-tech wraps with carbon fibers, and brushed metals that you can feel, there is a wrap option out there that will perfectly match your client’s vision.

In addition to their advertising benefits, custom wraps help your client’s vehicle hold its value and resist fading or damage. While your client’s original paint job will eventually fade over time, a wrap will protect it from road debris, bird droppings, hard water deposits, UV exposure, and more. This will save them money in the future by avoiding expensive chipped paint and dents, and by providing a smoother return if they choose to sell or lease their vehicle.

Another advantage of a wrap is that it can be removed without altering the vehicle’s paint color, so you can return it to a dealer or retain its value if it’s leased. Plus, your client can switch out portions of the wrap as needed, which will save them time and money on repairs.

For smaller businesses, wraps can increase your brand’s visibility in the local area that you service. This is important because it helps you stand out from the competition. It is also a great way to attract customers and make them remember your company name, which can be difficult with other forms of marketing, such as decals or bumper stickers.


Vehicle wraps transform your business vehicle into a mobile billboard that captures the attention of anyone who sees it. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing and advertising, reaching a wider audience and offering consistent visibility. They also make it easy to update company information, such as phone numbers or web domains, without having to paint over the entire wrap.

Whether driving around town or taking clients to and from the airport, fleet car wraps can help your business get noticed by potential customers. This helps increase brand recognition and customer inquiries, as well as boost your local reputation. It is a great way to build trust with your customers and show that you are a professional, established business that can handle their needs.

When people see your branded vehicle, they will recognize your brand and know that you are a trustworthy and reliable company. In turn, this will help you win more customers and grow your business.

Another benefit of wrapping your vehicles is that it protects them from damage. The specialized vinyl used to create these wraps is thicker than the paint on your vehicle, so it will not scratch or damage the paint underneath. This will save you money in the long run, as compared to paying for expensive repainting and refinishing work. In addition, a quality installation will not leave behind bubbles or peeling, so it is important to choose an experienced installer.

The installation process begins by preparing the bodywork of your vehicle and removing any dents or scratches that might affect the final result. It is a good idea to have the vehicle professionally washed before being wrapped, as this will remove any dirt and grime that might cause problems with the adhesive.

Once the wrap is installed, it will last between three and seven years, depending on various factors, such as how it is cared for and the weather conditions where it is driven. Proper care will ensure that it stays in excellent condition, and you can use spot graphics or panels to change your message whenever necessary.


Fleet wraps are printed on adhesive-backed, cast vinyl, a special material that is designed for strength and durability with just enough flexibility to stretch over curved surfaces. This material is then laminated with a protective film to further protect the wrap from UV rays, dirt, and debris. When you have a wrap installed by an experienced professional, your vehicle graphics will be able to endure 5-7 years of exposure without fading or chipping. The wraps are also easy to wash, so you won’t have to invest in as many specialty cleaning products and tools to keep your fleet looking great.

Wraps are an effective way to advertise your small business because they can be easily changed, unlike other forms of advertising that require costly reprinting or new installations. A wrap can be replaced if you change your message or branding, or if you replace your vehicles.

Your car wrap can act as a moving billboard that circulates your local community daily, reaching potential customers who might not otherwise see you. A wrap can give your small business a professional, established image and can help build trust with potential clients.

Having your vehicles wrapped in a custom design allows you to create a consistent, uniform look that will be recognized by your audience. Fleet wraps can be created in a wide variety of colors, materials, and textures to match your brand and style, and they can include everything from your logo to contact information. You can even create a wrap that incorporates your company’s social media handles, making it easy for customers to get in touch with you online.

A vehicle wrap provides a layer of protection between your factory paint and the hostile outside world, protecting it from bird droppings, hard water deposits, road salt, and tree sap. Moreover, your wrap will protect your vehicle from sun damage, which can fade paint and make it look dull. Wraps also shield your paint from damaging UV rays, extending its lifespan.

To extend the life of your wrap, avoid parking in direct sunlight for extended periods, and always wash it with a mild soap and water. Avoid using corrosives or harsh washing equipment, as they can cause the vinyl to deteriorate. Also, have your wraps regularly checked by a professional to spot any areas of concern before they become major problems.


Unlike paint jobs, wraps are printed with entire designs and then adhered to the vehicle surface. This allows for the customization of colors, logos, and other elements to create a cohesive design that fits a client’s brand and business. Wraps can also be applied to a vehicle in sections, allowing clients to change or update information as needed. This is great for clients who need to change phone numbers, website domains, or other contact information without having to repaint the whole car.

Fleet wraps and custom car wraps are great way to build recognition for a company in a specific geographic area. This allows small businesses to compete with larger competitors by generating local awareness about their products and services. People are more likely to hire a service provider that they know and trust, so a brand-recognizable wrap is a great way to generate referrals and new business.

When branding with wraps and graphics, it’s important to use high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Professionally installed wraps are often warranted for five years or more, meaning that they can withstand the test of time and weather. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a plan for how you’ll care for your wraps and graphics, including what cleaning solutions are safe to use. Generally, it’s best to hand-wash your wrapped vehicles to remove road grime and other contaminants without damaging the vinyl. Powerful washing equipment and corrosive chemicals should be avoided at all costs.

Wraps are easy to customize and can be updated as the company’s needs evolve. This makes them a smart choice for fleets that need to be flexible with their marketing. Changing or swapping out panels is a breeze, and even more dramatic changes can be made using graphic overlays, which are smaller stickers added on top of the existing ones. Rebranding efforts are much smoother with wraps, and the flexibility of this medium makes it easier to reach potential customers who might not have known about the company before.

When it comes to effective branding, there are few things as impactful as a well-designed and eye-catching fleet of vehicles. By turning your box trucks, vans, or service vehicles into roving billboards, you can reach thousands of potential customers daily with a message that’s sure to be remembered. This is an excellent way to generate leads for your small business and help it grow into a successful empire.